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Auto Attendance automatically sends a voice message home notifying parents that their child was absent


SchoolCall's Substitute Teacher locator is an effective way for administrators to find substitutes for teachers who are absent. 

Auto Attendance notifies parents when their child is absent.  The result is improved student attendance.


Product Description
Auto Attendance takes the daily file of those students entered absent, extracts their phone numbers, and automatically dials out to the parents. After playing the  "Your child was absent today" message, it prompts parents to record the reason for the absence. Auto Attendance ensures that the parents are informed of their students' absenteeism which put the accountability back in the home.

Product Features
Automatic Outbound Dialing with Voice Response Confirmation. Auto Attendance automatically notifies the parents of their students' attendance violations through outbound calls.  At the prompt, the parents will have the option to leave a voice message excusing the students' absences.  Auto Attendance has the ability to detect unanswered calls, answering machines, busy signals, and answered calls.  Should the system incur a busy signal, it will continue to repeat the call until the call is answered.  Should an answering machine be contacted, Auto Attendance will play the message twice to guarantee the machine records the entire Auto Attendance message.  

Detailed Reports Accessed On Demand. 
The results of calls are automatically generated and recorded in the SchoolCall database and are accessible via the Automatic Attendance Reports.  Administrators will have records of the number of absences, calls made, calls with confirmation via voice response, in addition to the number of calls that were not successful, due to no answer or continuous busy signals.  Each record will have the date and time in which the calls were made. The Activity reports are grouped together by student ID, grade level, phone number, outbound dial results, and closing results.  These detailed reports are an invaluable tool to principals and administrators because they will have an accurate record of the attendance violation notification.

Reports.  Superintendents have the ability to print information on the current status of outbound calls, by school and call type, for all schools in the school system.

Product Benefits
Improves the Student Attendance. By using Auto Attendance, school administrators are assured that parents are aware of their students' attendance records.  Oftentimes, when parents are confronted with their students' poor attendance record, they blame the school for not making them aware of the absences. Therefore, when the administrator has to discipline a student for poor attendance, they will have the reports and the parent's verification from Auto Attendance to back them up.  As a result, the responsibility for the students' attendance is put back onto the parents and increases their involvement in the school.

Reduces Staff's Time and Effort Spent on Attendance Notification. Auto Attendance eliminates the manual tasks involved with notifying parents of their students' attendance violations.  Administrators and staff members will have more time to focus on upholding the mission and achieving the goals of the district.

Increases Attendance Leading to Increased Funding. Many districts across the nation receive funding according to their students' attendance records throughout the year.  With these increased funds, Auto Attendance will pay for itself and bring in additional funds to enrich the educational programs offered within the school system.

Meets State Standards.
  Many of the states have laws requiring a specific amount of communication to transpire between the school and the students' parents.   With Auto Attendance, your school will have the reports to meet these requirements.

Customer Quotes
Dr. Dennis Chamberlain, Superintendent of Lamar County Schools, exclaimed, " . . . we have been able to use SchoolCall to meet many of our communication needs. We use the Auto Attendance to notify parents about absent students and verify excuses." 

Supportive Research
Although it is impossible to attribute student achievement gains or other positive outcomes in any schools or districts solely to their parent involvement activities, it does appear that many schools that make parent involvement a priority also see student outcomes improve.

"In Family Involvement in Children’s Education, a survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, 13 schools were examined for parental involvement and its affects on students. Of the 13 schools highlighted in the account, eight report gains in student achievement over the last one to three years, four report gains in attendance rates or attendance rates remaining consistently over 95 percent, and two report substantial decreases in disciplinary referrals over the last several years" (U.S. Department of Education, 1998).

"Although dropout rates are declining in the United States, a large number of students are continuing to drop out. In 1993, approximately 381,000 students in grades 10 through 12 dropped out of school, and approximately 3.4 million persons in the United States ages 16-24 were high school dropouts" (Hollinger, 1996).


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