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MemoCall sends outbound voice messages to teams, organizations, clubs, PTA groups and much more.


MemoCall allows teachers, administrators, coaches, and club leaders to record and send voice messages to parents, their team, organization, club, and PTA members.  MemoCall is the easiest way to deliver that reminder about a significant upcoming event or deadline.  Parents will always be informed of their students' scheduled activities, allowing them to coordinate their schedule for more participation.
Memocall keeps parents informed of their students' scheduled activities, allowing them to participate.


Product Description
SchoolCall can also help make the time of school staff members more efficient. Instead of office administrators taking valuable time to call each and every staff member for a meeting, he or she can use SchoolCall’s MemoCall function to make all of those calls.  Outside of the school, MemoCall provides an excellent means for sending voice messages to teams, organizations, clubs, PTA groups and more. It is also used to to notify parents so that they are aware of important events such as band or chorus concerts, award ceremonies, and PTA/PTO meetings.  

Product Features
Automatic Outbound Dialing with Keypad or Voice Response Confirmation. MemoCall automatically sends out the message to the specified individuals or groups through outbound calls.  The sender has the option to require confirmation of receipt via the touch-tone phone keypad via a voice response. Administrative Messaging has the ability to detect unanswered calls, answering machines, busy signals, and answered calls. Should the system incur a busy signal, it will continue to repeat the call until the call is answered.  Should an answering machine be contacted, MemoCall will play the message twice to guarantee the machine records the entire MemoCall message.

Detailed Reports Accessed On Demand.  The results of calls are automatically generated and recorded in the SchoolCall database and are accessible via the MemoCall Reports. 

Usage Reports.  Superintendents have the ability to print information on the current status of outbound calls, by school and call type, for all schools in the school system.  

Simple Message Set Up and Maintenance. 
Teachers, administrators, coaches, and club leaders can record their messages and have them started and stopped on specific dates. Therefore, users can record all of their messages for an entire semester and they will be automatically deleted at their set expiration dates. 

Product Benefits
Keeps Parents Informed of School's Scheduled Deadlines, Changes, and Meetings. MemoCall will send outbound messages notifying parents of the school's scheduled deadlines, changes, and upcoming meetings.  This will give the parents an opportunity to remind the student of the deadlines, schedule time off from work, and delegate their family responsibilities in order to attend the meeting. For example, the parent may want to play an active role on the PTA, which requires that they be notified of upcoming meetings. MemoCall keeps parents involved in their children's education, leading to improved performance and lower drop out rates.

Reminds Students and their Parents of Scheduled Events and Activities.
Students who are active in school sports, organizations, or clubs have an enormous amount of responsibilities in addition to their school work. 
Therefore, MemoCall serves as an excellent vehicle to remind students of their upcoming sporting events, club meetings, and band practices.   Not to mention, parents appreciate the advanced noticed so that they can arrange transportation for the student. Other common messages include Picture Day and Voting reminders.

Notifies Parents of Changes or Delays of Scheduled Activities.
Coaches or organizational leaders can send recorded voice messages to parent to notify them of changes or delays of scheduled activities.  For example, a football coach returning from an "away" game may send the message, "We won the game, but we are running 15 minutes later than expected due to traffic problems."  The parents will appreciate the notification and will be able to change their schedules accordingly.

Reduces the Potential for Student Fines.
Students often forget to return library and other school owned books. Oftentimes, the fine notices do not make it home to the parents and are not confronted with the issue until the end of the year. Administrative Messaging ensures that parents are reminded of fines due and have the time to rectify the situation.

Customer Quotes
Rick Howard, Principal of Coosa High School, stated that "The SchoolCall service has improved the efficiency of our day-to-day operations. I highly recommend SchoolCall for any school system that wants to be more efficient in their communication with parents and students."

Supportive Research
Principals of K-8 Title I schools report that time is a barrier to parent involvement more often than any other factor. Eighty-seven percent of Title I principals report that lack of time on the part of parents is a significant barrier to parent involvement, and 56 percent report that lack of time on the part of school staff is a barrier“ (U.S. Department of Education, 1997).

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