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Homework Hotline allows parents and students to retrieve class assignments, test dates, deadlines, and much more, via the phone


Homework Hotline is a vital communication link between teachers, parents, and students.  It allows parents and students to keep up with class assignments, test dates, deadlines, and much more.  It reduces or eliminates the reasons for the missed homework assignments and not being aware of upcoming tests. Most importantly, parents will become more involved and take an active part in their students' education.

Homework Hotline give students and parents access to homework assignments 24 hours a day.  This results in higher grades and morale.


Product Description
Homework Hotline allows teachers to simply record and explaining homework assignment instructions, required readings, learning objectives, due dates, and test dates. When students are absent or forget their assignments, parents can easily retrieve the homework assignments for each class that they missed via the telephone.  Other messages may include the teacher's scheduled coach classes and study sessions to give the students help outside the classroom.  This allows the students to keep up with the class assignments and deadlines, and be aware of the availability for extra help when needed.

Product Features
Inbound Access 24 Hours a Day.   Homework Hotline enables parents to retrieve homework assignments for individual or multiple teachers through a touch-tone phone from any location 24 hours a day. This is an excellent communication mechanism especially for parents that work during the day. It is also beneficial for students that will be absent for long periods of time due to serious illnesses or family vacations.

Easy Information Retrieval.   All the parents and students need to access the information on the Homework Hotline, is the teacher's access code or the four letters of their last name, that's it!

Simple Message Set Up and Maintenance.  Teachers can record their messages and have them started and stopped on specific dates. Therefore, teachers can record all of their messages for an entire semester and they will be automatically deleted at their set expiration dates.

Product Benefits
Saves the Teachers Time, Making Them More Effective.  It is a well known fact that teachers' time is invaluable and every minute of their day counts. With Homework Hotline, teachers can record and send messages to students in less than five minutes.  Therefore, they only have to communicate the message once and avoid the manual task of writing notes to be sent home (sometimes the notes do not even make it to the home).  Teachers can stay focused on their main objective...teaching the children.

Improves the Effectiveness of the Learning Experience.
  Homework Hotline allows teachers to communicate suggestions on enriching the class assignments through extra activities, television programs, or upcoming events.  For example, there may be an informational web site or upcoming program on the Learning Channel that will correlate with the assignment.  In addition, the teacher may be able to provide the parents with suggestions on making their homes and more productive educational environment.

Increases Student and Parental Involvement.
  It is common for students not to talk with their teacher about homework assignments or incorrectly record the homework assignment. But, they expect their parents to understand the instructions and learning objectives.  With the Homework Hotline, parents can retrieve explicit information about the homework assignment, avoiding the feeling of frustration and helplessness. In addition, parents can keep track of the dates for upcoming tests and ensure that their students' are prepared.

Reduces the Potential for Student Failure. Students often fail because they have missed an abundance of homework assignments due to their absenteeism.  Homework Hotline reduces this risk factor by making the information available to students and parents 24 hours a day.

Supportive Research
In a study by ERIC, it was reported that “by spring of the school year, one-third (35 percent) of eighth-grade students said they had not talked with their teacher about coursework during the school year” (ERIC, Aug 1990).


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