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Bulletin Board shares information with parents and students such as school policies, dates and deadlines, current issues, school cancellations, luch menus, and much more!


Bulletin Board gives school administrators a direct line of communication with parents and students.  It allows parents and students to access a wide variety of school announcements 24 hours a day from any touch-tone phone.  By keeping the parents informed, they will have a more positive attitude towards the school.

Bulletin Board is an excellent means of communicating with the entire school community, building stronger partnerships.


Product Description
The Bulletin Board is the easiest way of sharing information with parents and students. School policies, dates and deadlines, current issues, school cancellations, lunch menus, sporting events, and other school information are just a few examples of typical Bulletin Board items.  This can be very valuable in building or rebuilding a collaborative school community.

Product Features
Inbound Access 24 Hours a Day.   Bulletin Board allows parents and student to retrieve school information through a touch-tone phone from any location 24 hours a day. This is an excellent communication mechanism especially for parents that work during the day and want to stay informed.

Simple Message Set Up and Maintenance.  Teachers can record their messages and have them started and stopped on specific dates. Therefore, teachers can record all of their messages for an entire semester and the messages will be automatically deleted at their set expiration dates.


Product Benefits
Promotes Communication Within the School Community.  Parents no longer need to rely on their child to bring home the memos sent by the school.  With Bulletin Board, schools proactively keep parents, students, and district personnel informed of the school's schedule and policies, sporting events, upcoming events, important dates and deadlines (i.e. standardized test dates), special interest topics, and retrieve school phone numbers and mailing lists.   Bulletin Board also allows parents and students to access the schools lunch menus, which ensure parents that their children are receiving nutritional meals at school.   When the entire school community is informed, there is less opportunity for conflicts to arise.  Parents or students will enjoy having the answers to their questions just a phone call away! 

Reduces Administrative Staff's Time, and Effort Spent Answering Parents' Questions, Saving the School Money. School administrative staff spend hours on the phone answering parents questions regarding school related information.   Oftentimes, principals are required to become involved, which takes time away from their primary tasks.  Instead, schools can use Bulletin Board to post answers to questions frequently asked by parents.

Guarantees the Accuracy of the Responses to the Parents. Since the Bulletin Board messages are prerecorded and verified by the school personnel, everyone accessing the information will receive the same responses.  This eliminates the potential for miscommunications throughout the school community. 

Supportive Research
A report by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) cites a need to build an effective learning environment. The report stresses the importance "to engage families by providing regular information about school programs and students’ progress" (ERIC, Aug 1990).


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