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Administrative Messaging is designed specifically for superintendents, principals, and administrative staff.  Able to deliver a vice message to the entire school, or send a message to a particular grade, class, or student.

Administrative Messaging is design specifically for superintendents, principals and administrative staff.  Users are able to deliver a voice message to the entire school, or send a message to a particular grade level, class, or student and receive responses.   By using the Administrative Messaging module, the school district will keep the entire school community informed, which results in a stronger partnership.

Administrative Messaging is an excellent means of keeping students and parents informed.


Product Description
Administrative Messaging is a powerful communication tool that can greatly reduce the workload of administrators and their staff.   Broadcast messages can be immediately sent to a specified group of students' homes, a particular grade level (i.e. all Seniors), or the entire school including all faculty and staff members. These messages keep them informed of important school announcements such as school cancellations or delays, test date reminders, emergency notification, upcoming scheduled events, and invitations to meeting.  Administrative Messaging can also notify parents when report cards are coming home, take opinion polls and collect immediate responses, and generally keeps parents updated on what is going on at their child’s school.  Back to top

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Automatic Outbound Dialing with Keypad or Voice Response Confirmation. Administrative Messaging automatically sends out the administrator's message to the specified individuals or groups through outbound calls.  The sender has the option to require confirmation of receipt via the touch-tone phone keypad, respond to polling questions via the keypad, or confirmation of receipt via the keypad or voice response. Administrative Messaging has the ability to detect unanswered calls, answering machines, busy signals, and answered calls. Should the system incur a busy signal, it will continue to repeat the call until the call is answered.  Should an answering machine be contacted, Administrative Messaging will play the message twice to guarantee the machine records the entire Administrative Message.  Back to top

Detailed Reports Accessed On Demand. 
The results of calls are automatically generated and recorded in the SchoolCall database and are accessible via the Administrative Messaging Reports.  The administrator can review the reports in either summary or detailed format.  The summary reports include the total in the calling group, calls made, recipients contacted, no answers, busy signals, and other. The detailed reports include the phone number called, result of the call (confirmed, no voice response, voice response played, blocked, unauthorized), and the date and time the call was made.   Back to top

Usage Reports.  Superintendents have the ability to print information on the current status of outbound calls, by school and call type, for all schools in the school system.   Back to top

Simple Message Set Up and Maintenance.  Administrators can record their messages and have them started and stopped on specific dates. Therefore, administrators can record all of their messages for an entire semester and they will be automatically deleted at their set expiration dates.  For example, since the report card distribution message can be set up at the beginning of the semester and will be automatically deleted after the date passes.   Back to top

Collection of Survey Data.  The Administrative Messaging modules give the administrator the option to conduct surveys, such as opinion or support/special interest polling.  The recipients will have the ability to respond to the questions with a 'Yes', 'No', or 'No Comment' using the keypad on the phone.  The survey results are available through the Administrative Reports.    Back to top

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Builds Stronger Relationships Between School District Staff, Parents, and Students. Administrative Messaging creates a win-win-win situation.  By keeping the parents informed with up-to-date information and announcements, they become more involved in their students' education, which leads to higher grades.  When the students are doing well in their classes, teachers tend to have higher morale and better performance.  This in turn is reflected through the administrators and superintendents who can communicate more positively with parents about the importance of their role in their students' education.   Back to top

Guarantees that the Messages Reach the Parents.  Notes sent home with students may or may not make it into the parents' hands.  Administrative Messaging guarantees that the parents receive the important information and are able to participate in activities such as parent-teacher conferences and awards ceremonies.  In addition, they will always be aware of changes in bus routes and school policies. As a result, parents can not make excuses and blame the school for not knowing what is going on, making them accountable for their actions.   Back to top

Reduces Staff's Time, Effort, and Money Spent Informing Parents and School Personnel.
Administrative Messaging eliminates the manual task of mailing notices and conducting surveys.  Administrators are not spending hours on the phone trying to relay messages to parents and school personnel. Instead, they can spend five minutes to create and send a message to the necessary recipients.  Administrators and staff members will have more time to focus on achieving the goals of the district.
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Meets State Standards.  Many of the states have laws requiring a specific amount of communication to transpire between the school and the students' parents. With Administrative Messaging, your school will have the reports to meet these requirements.    Back to top

Retrieves Useful Polling Data.   By using the Administrative Messaging's polling feature, administrators can quickly collect and collaborate the information to make important decisions.  For example, administrators may want to ask the parents if they are satisfied with the lunch menu offered at the school.  If the results show that the majority are dissatisfied, the administrator can change the lunch menu according the the suggestions left on the voice responses.    Back to top

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Dr. Larry B. Atwell, Superintendent of Rome City Schools, notes that, "Rome City School System has been recognized statewide for outstanding academic achievement. SchoolCall enables teachers, parents, and students to stay in touch with the future."    Back to top

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Many schools report that more parents are volunteering at school, attending parent-teacher conferences, or signing up for parenting workshops. Effective school-family partnerships can have important benefits for parents as well, helping them to perceive their children's school in a more positive light, enhancing their sense of capability as parents, and changing their perceptions of their children as learners” (Ames, 1993; Epstein, 1991).    Back to top

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