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Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions and their answers are provided for your convenience.  If your question is not answered below, please submit it using the On-line Question Form.

Q.   How hard is it to operate SchoolCall?
A.   SchoolCall was designed to help school systems save time and money. Minimal training is required because SchoolCall prompts the user for needed information. If you can operate a telephone, then you can operate SchoolCall.

Q.   Does the system work with any telephone?
A.   Any touch-tone phone will work with SchoolCall.

Q.   What happens if an answering machine receives the SchoolCall message?
A.   SchoolCall plays the message twice to guarantee the machine records the entire SchoolCall message.

Q.   How will I know if a parent got the SchoolCall message?
A.   The results of calls generated are recorded in the SchoolCall database and are accessible to authorized users via any touch-tone phone or by using the web interface.

Q.   How does SchoolCall get the student information (i.e. telephone number, student ID, etc.)?
A.   The information is taken from the school’s existing database. The files can be exchanged through a network, a modem, or by a floppy disk.

Q.   How secure is our data on SchoolCall?
A.   SchoolCall has taken every precaution to secure the integrity of the school system’s data. Multiple digit passwords are required of all authorized users, and dialup capabilities are optional.

Q.   Is SchoolCall ready for Y2K?
A.   Yes. The latest release of SchoolCall v. 3.2 is Year 2000 compliant.

Q.   How long does it take to install SchoolCall?
A.   SchoolCall can easily be installed by someone with basic computer or JLS Telecom can install usually in one day upon request . 

Q.   What happens if we have a problem with SchoolCall?
A.   Normal maintenance, software and hardware upgrades are included in the price of the lease.

Q.   How many phone lines do we need?
A.   One dedicated line is required for SchoolCall, however, depending upon the size of the school system, more may be needed. Rather than adding new dedicated lines, many school systems are using existing lines after hours. SchoolCall is capable of making hundreds of calls an hour.

Q.   What about training and how long does it take?
A.   JLS Telecom can schedule customized training seminar for teachers, principals, and technical staff.  Because SchoolCall is so user-friendly, full training can take as little as one hour.

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